Baffinsland and Iceland at the same latitudes – what do they have in common?

The south of Baffinsland is shaped in the same way as Iceland. Just compare these drawings:

Iceland and Southern Baffinsland

It is obvious that the main faults and coastlines follow the lines. It is also important that at 64°N, Baffinsland extends exactly 9° from coast to coast, or the width of 6 convection rolls. Just to clarify:

Iceland and Southern Baffinsland - second layer convection rolls only

In Iceland, at the same latitude as this part of Baffinsland, the upper most (first) layer is of course more apparently shaping the surface. Here is a map of Iceland (based on a map from Náttúrufræðistofnun), and the grid has exactly the same pattern as for Baffinsland:

Iceland division line

The numerous details can then by worked out by scrutinizing these maps.


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