Analysis of your area

If you want to see how your area would be analyzed according to the convection cell system of the mantle, you are welcome to contact me. Just provide me with your exact location. Besides, you can give me additional information about your surroundings, for instance geological reports.

I will then write a small essay about your area. There I will write about whatever I notice, probably including these topics:

1) The framework affecting the area and surroundings.

2) Comparison to the tectonic drift factors.

3) Pointing out the nearest features manifesting the effect of convection currents.

This method is useful for the mining industry predicting fault lines, and for the oil industry making the most out of a reservoir, and of course it can be applied when searching for geothermal heat.

The e-mail address is

A comprehensive overview should be ready within a week.

Analysis of your area

Analysis according to the Convection Cell Model of your area. Basic speculations will be presented about how your surroundings are affected by the convection rolls of the mantle.