A new finding is the reason for launching this website. Analysis of convection rolls alignment is a major breakthrough in geology and geophysics. The introduction of this finding naturally takes time. This is too complex to be comprehended without learning a few laws of physics even experienced scientists are not familiar with.

My name is Steingrimur Thorbjarnarson, living in the town Thorlakshofn in Iceland.
I studied geology at the University of Iceland and got a BS degree in 2003. The distribution of the various volcanic zones in Iceland made me ask some questions, and eventually I answered them one by one. Now I have come up with a comprehensive analysis called: The Convection Cell System of the Earth.

I have exhibited my work on several occasions, developing it in more and more details since the year 2000. At first, my findings look surprising, but gradually the community has got used to the new aspects. A poster explaining the basics was exhibited at Georg Geothermal Workshop in November 2016 (http://www.geothermalworkshop.com/poster-session). An exhibition was put up in the information of Ölfus this summer of 2018, and currently an exhibition is open in the servece center of Hveragerði. Some aspects will be introduced at Georg Geothermal Workshop in November 2018.

For those interested in this analysis of the processes within the Earth, please feel free to contact me.

e-mail: vardeldur@vortex.is