How are the Reykjanes Seismic Zone and the South Iceland Seismic Zone connected?

The seismic zones of Reykjanes and South Iceland are similar, yet the SISZ is much more prominent than the RSZ. A certain degree of continuity is suggested on this map:

Suggested continuity of Reykjanes Seismic Zone and South Iceland Seismic Zone.

This suggestion is based on the mapping of faults in the area:

Red line added to the original map.

The accurate bending of the RSZ is suggested by a central axis through 1/3 the length of the SW side of the Reykjanes Polygon, and the ends are found at the corners near Hveragerði and of the Reykjanes Ridge as shown on the map.

To further compare:

Comparing convection rolls grid and earthquakes from Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

Earthquake overview map from: https://skjalftalisa.vedur.is/?fbclid=IwAR1-djD6-Pb_3jLFDBawzLYunVOTjA9nuXbDtArQXK43EbhFzUgvIphzFAo#/page/map

Therefore the conclusion:

The Reykjanes Seismic Zone as compared with the South Iceland Seismic Zone.

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