How do the Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge combine?

The two ocean ridges point to each other, but is it realistic to consider them as somehow connected? If we do, a beutiful context appear, just have a look:

Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor - drawing

The NS-axis through Eyjafjallajökull, Hekla and the Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt, is also the short axis of the ellyptical form of the Icelandic ocean floor plateu. When taking the volcanic systems north of Iceland into account, in the same way as of those out of Reykjanes, a similar connection appears, merging with the ridges in identical way north and south of Iceland.

For orientation, the original picture from Google is presented here, to compare with the one with lines drawn on it:

Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor

Adding a few lines can be interesting 🙂

This can be looked into further by extending the line between the two convection cells, responsible for the existence of the Reykjanes Ridge, all over Iceland to the edge of the ocean floor ellyptical edge:

Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor - drawing extended

It does cross the division line of the two plates where the NS-axis from Kverkfjöll to Öxarfjörður ends and the ocean floor volcanic systems are found in a row towards the NW.


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