A simplified picture of tectonics in Iceland

Simplifying tectonics and geological settings can be useful. At ISOR this map was made to give a general idea about the volcanic zones and earthquake areas. Comparing this with the calculated grid shows resemblance:

ISOR map as a base for the grid pattern and main axis

The black lines are originally on the map from ISOR. The EW axis between Snæfellsjökull and Snæfell is then added, and the NS-axis from Hekla.

One aspect of this simplification is that the Skagafjörður volcanic zone appears totally in this manner as a connection with Hofsjökull volcanic system or Mid Iceland Belt.

Volcanic Zones and Belts of Iceland

Refering to this drawing, where the Skagafjðrður Volcanic Belt is missing, we can add it to refresh the memory:

Volcanic Zones and Belts of Iceland - Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt added

It also shows how the Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt connects with Kolbeinsey Ridge in a similar way as RVB connects with RR. The parallel functions of SISZ and TFZ also become clearer.

The Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt should therefore be included in the general tectonic layout of Iceland, as it gives a more comprehensive picture of the processes shaping the country.

Connection between Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge

This leads to a picture of a connection between the ocean ridges south and north of the country without the help of SISZ and TFZ. The wide red line indicates the ridge originated continuity over Iceland.


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