The arrangement of the volcanic zones of Iceland

When analyzing the arrangement of volcanic zones in Iceland, an ellipse comes to mind. Snæfell and Snæfellsjökull are equadistance from the center, and also Drangey of Skagafjörður in the north and Eyjafjallajökull in the south.

Iceland and the surrounding ocean floor - volcanoes

The main line of tectonic drift divsion is green, then the four volcanoes mantioned. The center in between these volcanoes is the area of Hveravellir. The volcanic belts and zones of limited or no rifting are marked with black lines (representing central axis of those areas). The outer ellipse and the inner one are of the same proportions. Those are SVB (Snæfellsnes Volcanic Belt), SKVB (Skagajfjörður Volcanic Belt), WVZ (Western Volcanic Zone), SEZ (South-East Zone and ÖVB (Öræfajökull Volcanic Belt.

A more elaborate map of the central axis of active volcanic and earthquake areas in Iceland is found in this PhD essay by Árni Hjartarson: file:///C:/Users/Lenovo/AppData/Local/Temp/Arni-Hjartarson-2003-PhD-heil-3.pdf

Árni Hjartarson - Central Axis of Active Zones

Note the differnce between features 1 and 2 on one hand and 6 on the other hand, whereas 1 and 2 are very old and have drifted considerably since those volcanic zones became extinct, but 6 (Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt) has at most drifted for 0.5 million years since last eruption, and it still geothermal heat and earthquake activity are associated with it.

Here, the Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt si drawn as a line, close to NS. The curvature connecting it with MIB is missing. Also, the SVB and ÖVB are omitted.


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