The topography and tectonic drift of Hawaii calculated

The location and drift direction of Hawaii can be calculated! It is exactly the same calculation as previously made here for Yellowstone and California.

The formula is:

alignment of convection rolls = arc tan {[(35.342 – (ϕ – 32)2) 0.5  / (ϕ – 32)](1/cos ϕ)}

where ϕ is the latitude. Hawaii is on  19° 23.300’N.

The convection rolls are aligned close to N30°E and N30°W.

Hawaii - 05

The result for topography and tectonic drift is half of that angle:

α = (arc tan {[(35.342 – (ϕ – 32)2) 0.5  / (ϕ – 32)](1/cos ϕ)})/2

Hawaii - 03

This immediately reveals the main directions of the topography, sea bottom features, and of course the tectonic drift.

It is therefore nothing strange about the location of Hawaii. The location can be compared with the convection cells model of the mantle and understood accordingly.

The location can be compared with Iceland’s position within the convection rolls grid of the Earth, as has been done here in a previous post.

The framework around the San Andreas Fault

The tectonic alignment of Yellowstone calculated in the same way as for volcanoes in Iceland


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