Kamchatka shows the curvature of mantle convection rolls – as the subduction counterpart of the Reykjanes Ridge!

Geology of calculations! The line of volcanoes in Kamtchatka follows the same formula as the volcanic zones in Iceland! It is exactly parallel to the Reykjanes Ridge.

The topography of Kamchatka has a very decisive linear form, and of course the volcanism there is well known. The reason for the volcanic activity is in a way opposite to that in Iceland, so it is interesting that the same formula can be applied to get exactly the correct direction following the chain of mountains, the division between mountains and lowlands etc. Here, it is shown how the curvature along the peninsula fits to the swaying form of the convection rolls underneath.

Kamchatka Peninsula - 01

The inserted lines are calculated according to φ = 57° for hemispheric convection cells. The result is N28.6°E, shown with the slightly curved line for the drawing, which fits perfectly to the peninsula. The adjacent Alpha Fracture Zone is perpendicular to the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench and thereby to the tectonic framework and topographical trend of the peninsula. The angle is close to being half the calculated value for the latitude, as shown by a line extending from the continent out to the trench, oriented N58.2°W. The half angle value is added because it repeatedly found under similar circumstances, for Hekla, California, Hawaii, etc.



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