The Golden Waterfall – shaped by a combination of fractures

The Golden Waterfall is mainly divided into two steps, the upper one roughly aligned EW and the lower one NS. To be more accurate, the upper step is combined of two smaller steps, namely the upper most division line accurately aligned EW, and the lower rocks with the direction N77.8°E. The next step which is aligned N10.4°E is in line with the upper most part of the gorge extending down from the waterfall.

Both N77.8°E and N10.4°E are derived from the main tectonic direction of N41.4°E of the convection rolls and the West Volcanic Zone with its edge only about 10 km to the west, whereas N77.8°E is 1/4 of the angle from direct north-south to N41.4°E, and  N10.4°E is 1/4 of the angle from east-west to N41.4°E.

This Google map shows the waterfall’s context with EW axis and the volcanic zone direction:

Gullfoss - faultlines - 01

To see it closer:

Gullfoss - faultlines - 02

The calculated values of tectonic directions show the details of the three main alignments of the waterfall.



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