Seltjarnarnes Peninsula – the tectonic settings of Reykjavik

The volcanic sites of Sveifluháls and Brennisteinsfjöll clearly have the same alignment as the West Volcanic Zone, that is N43°E. But the peninsula on which most of Reykjavik is built points N54.8°W. It is 1/4 of the angle between convection rolls and EW axis alignments. The tectonic direction can be detected from the Bláfjöll area.

As for Elliðaárdalur valley, the NS axis and EW axis meet where some of the geothermal sites are found. The rims of the extinct Viðey volcanic site are found in the area, but these tectonic settings adhere the preconditions for ground water reaching the hot bedrock and ascend towards the surface.

Reykjavik - alignment - 01

The basic tectonic framework of the surroundings of Reykjavik

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