Earthquake epicenter pattern of Tjörnes fracture zone following convection rolls alignment

The Tjörnes fracture zone is monitored on a day to day basis by the Meteorological Office of Iceland. Usually the epicenters show a pattern along the fracture zone, but these days it is different. The alignment is from NW to SE and even more northerly direction is found. This shows that the underlying convection rolls are playing a dominating role creating these earthquakes. On the table showing the strength and depth of the earthquakes it is apparent many of the earthquakes are originated around 10 km below the surface. It is close to the ductile part of the tectonic plate, where the effects of convection cells can be manifested. Therefore the pattern of the Tjörnes faults, more connected to the horizontal forces on the brittle part of the plate does not appear here in a clear way. The pattern of covection cells has been added to the information provided by the Meteorological Office of Iceland, and the main line between convection rolls darkened:

Grímsey 02

The resemblance is sometimes even clearer than this. Just follow the events on vedur.is.

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