The Clear Picture of Tectonic Drift

With GPS technology, we finally could measure tectonic drift quite accurately. Iceland is divided into two parts, and it is manifested with direct measurement. The points measured have been fixed, the satellites give signals to relevant equipment. After measuring the points twice, the vector of displacement appears clearly. This is the result:

The tectonic drift of Iceland.

This can be manifested from the report: https://www.lmi.is/static/files/maelingar/isnlet2004-skyrsla.pdf, and also https://www.lmi.is/static/files/eldra/2019/09/skyrsla.pdf

Both reports make it clear that these vectors are the results of measurement. All other vectors are found by changing their directions and length according to a formula. Therefore, we should adhere as much as possible to this original result of measuring the tectonic drift, to remain closer to the truth, being able to know about reality, and be aware of the facts we should base our understanding of the world on.

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