The Turn of the Dike of Fagradalsfjall in Iceland

The dike of the eruption site of Fagradalsfjall makes a turn that must be explained. The magma found its way from the vicinity of Keilir and propagated SW towards Fagradalsfjall. Then it made a turn directly south, just to make a turn again farther south in the same direction as before. All this is in harmony with the magical shape of Fagradalsfjall. It is actually diamond-shaped, about 3.5 kilometers on each side. The deviation from north is the same for all sides, and the alignment is accurately the calculated value for convection rolls.

The dike of Fagradalsfjall, responsible for Geldingadalir eruption. Map from the University of Iceland inserted, showing the predicted dike location.

The mountain clearly has a NS-axis, and almost as clearly an EW-axis, although the westernmost corner is missing. The sides have the same alignment as the dike, and it makes a turn apparently where it meets with the EW-axis of the mountain. The NS-direction of the dike can be explained with the existence of NS-oriented earthquake faults in the area. Farther south, the dike again propagates along the SE-side of the mountain, as large faults are found there aligned NE-SW.

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