The Position of Ægir Ridge compared with Iceland and Norway

The Icelandic Plateau has a distinct elliptical shape, and thereby with a central point. This central point can be linked with continuations of Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge. Comparing that with the Ægir Ridge, another link is found, because there are exactly 15° between them along the relevant latitude (around 65.5°N). The Norwegian coast is found 15° along that latitude to the east.

Ægir Ridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegir_Ridge did shape most of the sea bottom between Iceland and Norway, until it was functionally replaced by the Kolbeinsey Ridge.

Iceland Plateau – Aegir Ridge – Norway

The fact that the exact center is at the eastern edge of Ægir Ridge can even tell a story for those exploring these features in the future. It shows that the ridge was shaped by the pulling effects between the North American Plate and the local small scale convection roll having opposing rotation, in the same way as the Kolbeinsey Ridge today, as well as the main volcanic zones of Iceland.

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