The Symmetry of Southern Africa

Our Earth looks beautiful seen from space, and one reason is the symmetry of continents and oceans. Africa is the best example, as the southern half of it is explicitly picturesque. It is no coincidence, as is shown here below.

The symmetry of Africa.

The lines make it already a little bit easier to appreciate the symmetry. Taking the mantle currents into account, we get this drawing showing the basic situation:

The symmetry of Africa compared with convection rolls division lines.

This shows the main lines of the position of Africa compared with the mantle currents. A north-south axis forms in between the two ridges of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, being roughly 60° apart at these latitudes. This location over downwelling (blue) lower mantle division line is making the continent relatively stationary during this geological era. Upwelling lines of lower mantle are marked with red.

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