The Missing Continent and Convection Rolls System Compared

‘Searching for something and not finding it is also science.’ James Cook sailed all over the Pacific searching for a continent that should be there. After looking at how land is distributed over the equatorial line, one should expect to find a continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The distiribution of land along equator

All the land masses cover 30°, except Africa, but the distance from west coast to Great Rift Valley is 30°. So when looking at this picture, the match between model and reality is striking.

The division lines affect the surface of the Earth quite clearly, but nowhere as securely as along equator. At equator, points of restriction are created, due to special circumstances. The Coriolis Effect shifts from leading a trajectory to the right within northern hemisphere to leading to the left in the southern hemisphere. This, along with the fact that the equatorial plane has the greates centrifugal effect, coinciding with the convectional effect, makes the distribution of land mass so special. You can therefore call the main points on equator ‘equatorial points of constraint’.

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