Center of the Pacific Ocean – why different?

After exploring three sides of the Earth, more and less alike, the fourth side looks totally different. The Central Pacific Ocean provides very few clues about what is found underneath, with the main exception of Hawaii.

Center of the Pacific Ocean.

If there was a continent there, like Africa, South America or Indonesia, we would have analyzed that consistency a long time ago. This one exception leads to the fact that we do not seem to consider the consistency between the three equatorial continents at all! But considering that Hawaii exist due to the proximity with main division line between convection rolls, the picture becomes clearer. Hawaii itself is offset from the main lower mantle convection rolls division line by 3°, but the chain of islands then drifts obliquely over it.

We can then have a quick look at the ´four side pattern´:

The four sides of the equatorial plane of Earth.

So if we have an imaginary place in the middle of the Pacific, where we might expect to find a continent, do we then start to think differently about it?

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