Continuing the Axis of North Iceland Volcanic Zone and the South Iceland Seismic Zone along 64th Parallel

The spectacular Öræfajökull is found at the 64th parallel, and is by many considered to be located east of the main systems of volcanism in Iceland.

Fjalljökull of Öræfajökull Volcano in Iceland.

Fjalljökull Glacial Tongue, which slides into the Fjallsárlón Lagoon, shown above, is close to the famous Jökulsárlón, or Glacier Lagoon. These places are found east of the highest volcano in Iceland, Öræfajökull. It is actually responsible for some of the most powerful eruptions in Iceland throughout its written history. So what is the context of this outstanding volcanic site?

The location is shown in context with the central line of Reykjanes Ridge (RR), Reykjanes Oblique Rift Zone (RORZ), South Iceland Seismic Zone (SISZ), and North Volcanic Zone (NVZ). Also, the Borgarfjörður Transverse Fault Zone (BTFZ) is shown, Snæfellsnes Volcanic Belt (SVB), West Volcanic Zone (WVZ), East Volcanic Zone (EVZ), South Iceland Volcanic Belt (SIVB), the volcanically extinct Skagafjörður Volcanic Belt (SKVB), Tjörnes Fracture Zone (TFZ) and Grímsey Oblique Rift (GOR).

The simple extension of these two of the main axis traceble of activity in Iceland, leads to the heighest mountain in Iceland. It is the starting point of Öræfajökull Volcanic Belt, extending between Öræfajökull and the dormant volcano Snæfell in Eastern Iceland. As for the polygon pattern, it closely resembles the names given to the various volcanic and seismic areas in Iceland.

Therefore, when thinking about the edge of the EVZ as the blue, double line of downwelling between different convection rolls, we still have to consider a hidden connection from one corner to the other of the relevant polygons, with a very special volcano, Öræfajökull.

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