An Example of Epicenters Alignment of Tjörnes Fracture Zone

The Tjörnes Fracture Zone combines the North Volcanic Zone with the Kolbeinsey Ridge. The alignment of epicenters follows the mathematical model of convection rolls closely. Today, the ‘Met Office’ map looked like that:

Epicenters of TFZ 17-8-2020

Comparing with the convection rolls model shows how the SE-NW alignment follows the division line, whereas the N-S aligment does trace the central axis of the polygon marking the very beginning of Kolbeinsey Ridge.

Seismic activity of TFZ 17-8-2020

Besides that, Grímsey is pointed out. Grímsey Island is the northern most inhabited part of Iceland. It is found close to a ‘hub’ of division lines of different layers, leading to an anomaly of volcanic and geothermal activity within the surrounding area.

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