Mid-Ocean Ridges of North Hemisphere Compared

Three mid-ocean ridges of the North Hemisphere, Juan de Fuca, Reykjanes Ridge and the Mid-Indian Ridge, are found to be mathematically correlated to each other. 1) Their alignment follows the same formula 2) The angle between Juan de Fuca and Reykjanes Ridge is 90°, and between Reykjanes Ridge and Mid-Indian Ridge is 93°. According to the Convection Rolls Model, a ridge following division line between convection roll will most likely be positioned 1.5° east or west of the main lower mantle convection rolls division line. The Reykjanes Ridge are found to be offset in opposite ways, Reykjanes Ridge being west of the line and the Mid-Indian Ridge east of the line, adding up to extra 3°.

The three North Hemisphere mid-ocean ridges. The wide lines are drawn with 30° interval.

Red lines indicate the location of the relevant ridges. The fact that the relationship is of double nature, angle and alignment, gives this model an explanatory value. The shape and location of convection rolls can be calculated very accurately, and thereby additional information can be gathered about conditions, tectonics and geological activity of any area on Earth.

This was introduced at the 48th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California, February 6-8, 2023.

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