Canary Islands E-W and N-S Alignment

The Canary Islands are a bit of a mistery. They become progressively older from west to east, but the line does not follow the drift vector, as it points to the NE. It seems as the oldest islands found as seamounts south of the EW-oriented chain, were formed when the Atlantic Ocean was still in its infancy. The same is true for the northernmost seamounts. The eastern limit of the islands is characterized by the location of the main lower mantle division line.

Convection division lines and the Canary Islands.

The map base used above is from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canary_Islands_Seamount_Province

The activity seems to be associated with the combined effect of the two convective layers between 120 and 410 km depth, found at the 32nd latitude. An older NE-SW oriented chain extends from the western and eastern end, respecteviely, of the present Canaries. This probable, and double, nature of the origini of the Canaries is of course confusing. Comparing the geology of the Canaries with the Convection Rolls Model leads to this preliminary conclusion.

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