The Structure of Fagradalsfjall and the Surroundings of Geldingadalir Eruption Site

Fagradalsfjall is a tuya with NS structure due to earthquake faults having that alignment. Besides that, the volcanic systems have left NE-SW oriented slopes, as can be expected in that area. Thirdly, perpendicular lines can be detected shaping the other sides pointing NW-SE. That is a bit unexpected, except keeping the convection rolls underneath in mind. The result looks like this, when sharpened with inserted lines:

The shape of Fagradalsfjall area.

This diamond shape is quite apparent, when pointed out. The NS structure is also exaggerated with inserted lines. The red line indicates the site of eruption.

For Fagradalsfjall on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagradalsfjall

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