Hidden connection from Baffinland to Faroe Islands

In an interesting article by H. Thybo and I.M. Artemieva, (Moho and magmatic underplating in continental lithosphere, published inTectonophysics, 2013) it is considered that there are connections between the three ridges, Baffin Bay Ridge, Greenland-Iceland Ridge and Faroe-Iceland Ridge. They study various types of the so called underplating within the tectonic plates.

Thybo and Artemia say that ‘Anomalous crust of the Greenland–Iceland Ridge may extend to the Faroe–Iceland Ridge and possibly also form the Baffin Bay Ridge.’

Here are the three ridges connected with lines drawn on Google Map:

Baffin Bay Ridge, Greenland-Iceland Ridge and Faroe-Iceland Ridge shown in relation to each other, according to the theory of Thybo and Artemieva.

The black line is only drawn to show the positional relationship between the three ridges. The red squares show the approximate location of the ridges. Baffin Bay Ridge to the left, Greenland-Iceland Ridge in the middle and Faroe-Iceland Ridge to the right.

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