The Geometry of the Greenland–Iceland–Faroe Ridge Complex

The ridges connecting the Icelandic Plateau with Greenland and Faroe Islands are equadistant from a single point in Central Iceland. This is shown on the map below:

The equadistant points of GIR and IFR compared with Central Iceland

The basic map is from https://sp.lyellcollection.org/content/447/1/127/tab-figures-data

The elliptical plateau of Iceland is drawn on the basic map with central point A. The points where the Greenland-Iceland Ridge and the Iceland-Faroe Ridge meet with the elliptical form are marked. B and C are equadistant from A, and D and E are also equadistant to A. Extending the bathymetric features of Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge, they just as well meet at point A. Diminishing all the topography with respect to the ellipse, we will therefore meet in one point, namely A. Note that D and E are on the same latitude, and B and C are on the same division line.

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