The Aegir Ridge Compared with Geological Features of Iceland

The Aegir Ridge is a huge geological feature, in between Iceland and Norway. The Wikipedia descirption of it is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegir_Ridge. It was responsible for the opening of the Atlantic Ocean at the relevant latitudes, but is now extinct and drifts along with the Eurasian Tectonic Plate.

All the same, the Aegir Ridge shows resemblence with the tectonic arrangement of Iceland. Moreover, it is all in accordance with the convection rolls system, as shown here:

Aegir Ridge with Convection Rolls Division Lines.

The Aegir Ridge, as seen on this Google Map, is aligned E-W at the latitude of 64°50′, where the main tectonic features of Iceland make a turn from NE-SW (south of the line) to N-S (north of the line). The northern part of Aegir Ridge follows the same alignment as the upper most convection rolls of 120 km depth. The central line is the tenth convection roll division line counted from the Reykjanes Ridge convection rolls division line. That is half the span of the large convecton roll extending from Iceland to Norway, as each large scale roll spans 30° from east to west. Small scale rolls span 1.5° from east to west.

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