The Connection Points of Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge with the Icelandic Seismic and Volcanic Zones

The two ridges north and south of the country are connected with seismic and volcanic zones of Iceland in a similar way.

The Connections between Ridges and Seismic Zones

The Kolbeinsey Ridge connection framework seems to be more complex than that of the Reykjanes Ridge. Grímsey Oblique Rift forms a similar mixture of seismic and volcanic zone, bending and conncecting with the Kolbeinsey Ridge. But the Húsavík-Flatey Fault also connects with a southern extension of the Kolbeinsey Ridge. The Skagafjörður Seismic Area connects the extinct volcanic rift zone of Skagafjörður with the Kolbeinsey Ridge from the western side. The black arrows show the local tension due to the effect of the small convection rolls found below the tectonic plate at 120 km depth. The relevant red division line between those convection rolls is made slightly more prominent than the other lines of the convection rolls division lines grid.

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