Snjófjöll – The Lost Volcano of Iceland

There is a special volcanic site unexplained, outside the volcanic zones.

Snjófjöll Volcanic Site

Or is it inside the Snæfellsnes Volcanic Zone? Snjófjöll fits into a certain pattern associated with the convection rolls division lines. It is the counterpart of Askja, in the same way as Reykholtsdalur resembles Kverkfjöll and Hveragerði along with Hengill resemble Öræfajökull.

The location of Snjófjöll within the Western NS-axis of Iceland

In this way, the occurrence of volcanic activity at that spot becomes understandable. So is Snjófjöll Volcanic Site a part of Snæfellsnes Volcanic Belt, or is it the smallest volcanic zone of Iceland?

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