Coast of Norway

The Coast of Norway follows the edge of a mantle convection roll. This can be seen on this map:

Theoretical Location of the Coast of Norway, as Compared with the Convection Rolls Model of the Earth. Each Circle Marks a Section of a Convection Roll

The span from central Iceland to coastal Norway is 30°, the same as the span of a convection roll of the lower mantle. According to GPS measurements, Norway is drifting along this division line. This can be roughly explained with this drawing:

Coast of Norway Compared with Convection Rolls of Lower Mantle (not to scale)

The wide black line along the coast of Norway shows the division line between the large convection rolls.

Question: Why are the convection rolls in the upper picture round, the lower has elongated rolls?

Answer: Because the upper one shows a slice along the latitude 64°N, whlie the lower indicates the vertical section compared with surface (convection rolls perpendicular to surface plane).

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