Interesting report: “Results from the ISNET2016 campaign and a new Dynamic Referenceframe for Iceland”

The National Geodetic Network of Iceland (ISNET) was measured for the third time in 2016. It shows how Iceland really drifts towards NW and NE.

Horizontal movement of Iceland between 1993 and 2016

To introduce this is quite important, as understanding tectonic drift is important to understand geology in general. The result is very clear and I recommend people to read the report carefully. Still, very few geologists seem to realize the new results, found after GPS measurements were used to find this out. Most geologists still think that the drift vectors are mainly to the east and west.

The report: https://www.lmi.is/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/skyrsla.pdf

This report is written both in Icelandic and English.

Tectonic drift compared with convecction rolls

It is obvious that some kind of harmony is found between the rolls and vectors. When outside the rift zones, the match as close as it can get.

What is really noticeable, is the fact that the vectors of the eastern part have exactly the same deviation from nort as the vectors of the western part of Iceland. This mathematical mirroring around a NS-axis is fundamental, and is in harmony with the model of the convection currents of the mantle.

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