Canada – Greenland – Iceland symmetry along 66°N

Last post was about Greenland, Iceland and Norway. But here we deal with the mainland of Canada, Greenland and Iceland. In this case the story is repeated. The coast of mainland Canada is exactly 30° apart from the coast of Greenland along 66°N.

Kanada-Greenland-Iceland at 66N

This is one of so many examples of how the magma currents work. Remember that the position of land is constantly changing. And we humans try to think about one thing at a time, just to be able to cope with our work. Nature in general is not like that. Nature takes many factors into account simultanously. So slowly, slowly, the distiribution of land is changed, while still showing resemblance to the convection rolls below. Even the most brilliant minds can not really cope with it 🙂

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