Following the grid, understanding the geology of Iceland – and the World

The map shows it all 🙂 The volcanic sites in Iceland are arranged in a systematic way. First, the Reykjanes Ridge is found along a calculated line extending through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with a starting point at equator exactly 30° awy from the coast of S-America on one side and 30° from the coast of Africa on the other side. Then the grid shows how the tectonic plates meet in Iceland. One aspect is the NS-axis from Öræfajökull to Öxarfjörður. Then the Tjörnes Zone in the North shows very clearly the function of the polygon system over Iceland.

Following the grid

It can not be more clearly manifested. Explaining in this way the geology of Iceland makes it easier for comprehend the volcanism, geothermal activity and the geological history of Iceland. With the mechanism in mind, and when everything can be calculated mathematically, it becomes easier to trace changes back in time.


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