Long distance lava flow – how can it happen?

Lava temperature can be around 1250°C on the surface, and just below the tectonic plates around 1500°C. One question is how lava makes its way to the surface? Another is how it can flow as far as it does. The example down below is 140 km. How can that happen?


This sign is found in the town of Stokkseyri at the south coast of Iceland.

So where does the lava come from? It is originated from the most active rift zone of Iceland, close to where we locate the hot spot. The lava is actually from the volcanic system  Bárðarbunga within the hot spot area.


This drawing shows the location of the eruption, right within the main volcanic zone oriented NW-SE. Huge dykes are ofthen created when eruptions like this one occurs, due to the tectonic drift, as the dykes fill up the faults as the land is being pulled apart.



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