The Caribbean twins

Of course no one can answer this properly. The similarities are countless and both areas are formed due to the formation of the Atlantic Ocean. The island arches forming at the eastern margin are arranged similarly. The area marked on the map below is very well known as the Caribbean Sea.S-Ameríka - Skil norðan við

But south of S-America is a less known ocean:

S-Ameríka - Skil sunnan við

These two areas, somehow inserted into the Atlantic Ocean, are strikingly similar. The settings are comparable, at the outreaching ends of N-America, S-America and Antarctica, so we can have some kind of feeling for why the similarity occurs. One of many magic wonders!

So what does this tell us? The fact that this degree of similarity can occur, aligned exactly the same way compared to NS and EW axis, the interplay of tectonic drift and rotation of the Earth has to be very similar. Those traveling through S-America might also be interested in this. At least, if this kind of similarity would be found north and south of Iceland people would mention it. S-America is big enough to somehow keep this out of sight.


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