The three sides of the Earth

We can make ourselves surprised, looking at the “land side” of the Earth and then at the “sea side” of it. So different! If you keep your head cool, you can say: “Yes, here I have the land mass of Eurasia, spanning 180° along the 64th parallel from the coast of Norway to the Bering Strait. On the other side the Pacific spans 150° from Indonesia to S-America along equator.” But we should not forget the two Americas, extending NS in the form of the letter “S” due to the effect of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and therefore resembling in a way the shape of the convection rolls within the mantle.

earth on 3 sides - land

earth on 3 sides - ocean

earth on 3 sides - americas

Measuring and reasoning can lead to conclusions. We should know at least a little bit about what we see 🙂



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