Drangey, the overlooked volcanic island of Iceland

It is known that Drangey is less than 700,000 years old, because its rocks did form within our period of geomagnetic reversal. The volcanic zone of Drangey did appear at the same time as the Snæfellsnes volcanic zone, but now it is extinct. However, geologically  speaking Drangey and the volcanic zone are rather young formations and can be compared with contemporary active areas. Then we get this picture:

Drangey 01

Note that the dotted lines from the central line (showing the deep mantle division) have exactly the same length. Therefore, the distance from the crater of Eyjafjallajökull to the centre, and from the center to Drangey, are exactly the same, besides being accurately on the same NS-axis. The same applies for Snæfell and Snæfellsjökull along the latitude of 64°48′N . From the same central point, the distance is exactly the same form Snæfell to the said central point as the distance from the center to Snæfellsjökull.

This type of consistency is impossible to achieve, unless reality is involved.

Drangey 02

This is an island of stories and wonders. Please check it out.


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