Earthquakes on Reykjanes Ridge – perpendicular to the ridge itself?

Earthquakes can tell a story. The The Icelandic Met Office provides information about earthquakes in and around Iceland. The earthquakes which occurred yesterday (15th of July 2018) on the Reykjanes Ridge make up a row perpendicular to the ridge itself.

Skjálftar á Reykjanesi 15-7-2018

I added a line showing the calculated angle of the lower convection cell layer. this type of alignment often occurs, more and less unnoticed.

Just for comparison, the convection cell grid is shown here on a map from the Icelandic Met Office to see how it works.

Skjálftakort með grind - Reykjanes      This is the site of an intersection point between polygons, where the Reykjanes Ridge makes a slight turn towards the Reykjanes Peninsula. South of this point, the Reykjanes Ridge follows the convection cell line.



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