How did the Reykjanes Ridge become symmetrical?

Considering that Iceland has symmetrical drift vectors, pointing NE and NW respectively, how did the Reykjanes Ridge get mirrored magnetic anomalies compared to its axis aligned NE-SW? We can have a look into it:

Landrek - Ísland 01

The rotation of N-American and Eurasian plates (along with Africa) is rather symmetrical and in coherence with the directions found in eastern and western parts of Iceland. If these vectors were prolonged along the Reykjanes Ridge, this would make no sense. The puzzle is dynamic, and whereas the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone can explain the discrepancy, another drawing on a map is added:

Landrek - Atlantshaf

If the Reykjanes Ridge remains stationary over the relevant division line between upwelling convection rolls, when the sea bottom south of Charlie Gibbs is shifted eastwardards compared to the convection cell system, then the Ridge can be regular. When it comes to Iceland, a similar shift is found in Southern Iceland, and in Northern Iceland the division line is directed NS.

If this mechanism is active, it should also be measurable. In the South Atlantic, the ridge is mainly NS oriented.


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