Kleifarvatn – a lake between tectonic plates

Kleifarvatn is dividing N-America and Eurasia. The Krýsuvík volcanic system includes the lake with geothermal areas found both on its bottom and around it.


A view to the NE over Kleifarvatn

You can say that the mountain on the left hand side belongs to America and Europe is on the right hand side. The lake has no rivers, but after earthquakes occurring in the year 2000 the water level lowered whereas fissures in the area opened up, making way for water flow towards the ocean.

Kleifarvatn - a lake between continents

The alignment of the Sveifluháls tuff ridge can be calculated directly as it follows the polar convection cells. At 64°N the equatorial and polar convection cells are aligned the same way.


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