Niagara Falls – origins of the Horse Shoe and the American Falls / Bridal Veil Falls

Looking at waterfalls is wonderful. We can also try to get some insight into the real background of these special sites, visited by so many people.

niagara falls in canada
Photo by Tomas Anunziata on Pexels.com

The Niagara Falls begin with a gentle slope in Niagara River. It follows the calculations:

Niagara 01

This is achieved by direct calculation, which means that the upper most part of Niagara is aligned i the same way as the convection rolls of the mantle underneath.

The tectonics of the waterfall itself can also be calculated:

Niagara 02

There is a reason for this proportion, namely balance between convection cell alignment and the tectonic EW-axis in the area.

The EW-axis even appears quite clearly:

Niagara 03

Agree? OK then 🙂

The difference between the angles of tectonic lines becomes 19°, that is 1/4 of the angle of convection rolls compared with the EW-axis.

It is a coincidence that the tectonics of the Golden Waterfall in Iceland are also calculated in this way.

Complicated? Geology, geophysics, tectonics… these are quite difficult subjects. What I am showing here is almost embarrassingly simple in comparison to many things found in basic textbooks of those subjects. This is new, and the work leading to these calculations was complicated, but not using the method once it is here is very easy.

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