Japan and the location of Fuji

black and white mountain over yellow white and blue sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mount Fuji is located on a triple junction between three plates. It should explain it all, besides the vicinity to the Pacific Plate descending into the mantle. But compared to the convection cell model, the position is unique. Fuji is located directly on one of the division lines of the lower mantle as shown here:

Lines - Iceland - Japan

Now we zoom in on Japan to show more details. It is interesting that the convection cells are aligned directly NS at 32°N, and Japan is just north of that parallel, so here is an example of how it works:

Japan - Fuji - 01

This line is a counterpart of the main division line under Iceland:

Iceland division line

As has been pointed out in other posts, this line represents both the main convection division at 410 km depth, and the upper most division line of small cells at 120 km depth. The smaller cells are down-welling, and the two lines to each side of course up-welling.

Therefore, in Iceland, The Reykjanes Ridge is found west of this line, whereas Hekla is east of it. Still, many volcanic and geothermal sites are also on the main division line, with the controversy of having up-welling deep below, but down-welling in the upper layer.

This is of course in a way complicated, but it is easy to see what Japan and Iceland have in common according to this model of the convection rolls within Earth’s mantle.



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