The EW-alignment of Eyjafjallajökull, and the position of Seljalandsfoss

Eyjafjallajökull had everyone’s attention in 2010 when it erupted and spread volcanic ash over Europe. This mountain shows clearly how the forces underneath shape the surface of Earth. The perfect EW-alignment is exaggerated by a regular elliptical form, and the adjacent area of Þórsmörk and the river Krossá follow the same trend. Eyjafjallajökull’s top crater is on the NS-axis of its polygon of convection rolls division lines. The waterfall Seljalandsfoss then faces the West along with Gljúfrabúi and other smaller waterfalls at the westernmost end of the Eyjafjöll area. In the south of Eyjafjöll, the waterfall Skógafoss shows the effect of the NW to SE trend, with its edge aligned N41°W, the same direction as the frame of the convection cell polygon at the latitude of 63.5°N. Here I have lined up some of the features on a Google map:

Eyjafjallajökull - EW alignment


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