How the tectonic plates of the continents meet in Iceland and how the mantle flow underneath is divided

When we say that Iceland belongs to two tectonic plates which drift away from each other, we also say that two different mantle currents exist under the country. Well… we usually skip the latter part πŸ™‚ Still it is what we mean by drifting – a current takes the huge plates and moves them! As I have analyzed these currents, we can compare that analysis with the division line between the continents according to drift vectors measured with GPS technology.

Iceland - division lines of lower mantle and tectonic plates

The black line is the division line of the main convection lines of lower mantle. The red line shows the main division line in between the two tectonic plates of N-America and Eurasia. The thin lines show the network of smaller convection roll layers.

To fully comprehend this, one has to read the book first πŸ™‚ But the base is simple – regular convection current rolls with the same height and width – just physics.

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