Which volcano will erupt next in Iceland?

For the last four decades, about one eruption has occurred every two years in Iceland. Still we know nothing about the next one, Where, when and how questions can not be answered. Something new is surprising us now and then, like Öræfajökull now melting the ice at its top. Rather big earthquakes at Bárðarbunga bring it to our attention again and again. Let us have a look at the list of some of the suspected volcanic sites:

Iceland - division lines of lower mantle and tectonic plates

Recently earthquakes shook Skjaldbreið and it seemed like magma was entering the crust a few kilometers below the mountain. Hekla has changed its rhythm, but the mountain has expanded more than before the last eruption. Katla is a mystique: When will the next large scale flood happen?  Bárðarbunga and Grímsvötn are going through a period of activity. Actually Bárðarbunga is the most likely candidate for the next eruption. It is also a very interesting case to study, as it is in the middle of a polygon, showing itself to be a caldera with the function of feeding the spreading zone with magma forming huge dykes to cope with the tectonic drift. Askja can in turn be affected by the dykes propagating from Bárðarbunga. Recently even Kverkfjöll became a suspect when there were signs of eruption found in rivers flowing from that area. And finally, magma must be responsible for the melting of ice at the top of Öræfajökull. We just do not know the details of the intrusion below the mountain.

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