Hot water in tunnel near Akureyri – Vaðlaheiðargöng

There are layers of convection cells under Iceland, influencing the crust and surface above. One of the few things I have anticipated publicly according to this grid was the finding of abundant geothermal source in Eyjafjördur near Akureyri. The lines of the grid intersect each other where a tunnel was made through the highland of Vaðlaheiði. Not many took it seriously at the time, but I pointed out that the area close to Akureyri is the counterpart of the Krafla volcanic site about 1.5° of longitude to the East, (each convection cell spans 1.5° from East to West). The fundamental difference is the fact that Krafla is within a volcanic rift zone, but Eyjafjördur region is not. Therefore the effect of the convection layer hub underneath only creates moderate geothermal activity in Eyjafjörður, (or low temperature area).

Basics - Akureyri

Here is a map for explanation 🙂



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