Deildartunguhver – most powerful hotspring in the world

The most powerful hotspring in the world, Deildartunguhver, must have something special about it. If not, it would not be no. 1 with its 180 liters of almost boiling hot water per second. At the site, a modest sign stating the world record was put up there a couple of years ago. Is it possible to explain why this hotspring appears there in the West of Iceland? Yes, it is possible. The mantle convection currents are mirrored around the volcano Katla, reaching equadistance to Kverkfjöll and Deildartunguhver. Kverkfjöll and Deildartunguhver are in turn on the same latitude. Sounds complex? No – this triangle is not difficult to see on a map.


A part of Deildartunguhver, the most powerful hotspring in the world.

Deildartunga - Kverkfjöll - Katla

The position compared to Kverkfjöll and Katla is obviously Symmetrical. In addition, the connection between Deildartunguhver and the Reykjanes Ridge can be easily traced along the relevant convection cell division line to the SW.

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